PM: VN takes measures for better business environment



The Vietnamese Government will do its utmost to overcome shortcomings and obstacles and create a better business environment to enhance the competitiveness of the nation’s businesses, products and economy in the future.


PM Nguyen Tan Dung made that statement at the Mid-term Viet Nam Business Forum in Ha Noi on June 9.


The PM shared information about Viet Nam’s socio-economic development performances, asserting that over the past five months of the year, the economic performances showed positive achievements.


In the future, the Government will strengthen management to improve the stability of the macro-economy, control inflation and increase foreign reserves.


In addition, the Government will facilitate stronger operations of domestic and foreign businesses to obtain high growth in the areas of agriculture, industry and services.


PM Dung asserted that the Government is boosting up international integration and creating a larger development space for both Vietnamese enterprises and foreign ones.


With the prospect of completing 14 Free Trade Agreements, Viet Nam will establish free trade relations with 55 partners, including 15 members of the G-20.


The nation has concentrated on realizing three strategic breakthroughs including institutional reform, mobilizing resources for socio-economic infrastructure investment and training qualified human resources.


The Vietnamese Government expects to receive more assistance from other nations and partners for joint benefits, he said.


At the event, government officials gave answers to issues concerned by development partners, businesses and foreign organizations.

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