News from Dutch Embassy in Vietnam: MP's from all over the world gather in Hanoi to discuss sustainable future



The future of the Sustainable Development Goals and several other topics figured on the agenda of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Hanoi, which took place from 28 March until 2 April.


The future of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) was one of the main topics discussed by the parliamentarians. Dutch senator Nico Schrijver presented his views on the SDG's which replace the Millennium Development Goals. Vietnam is one of the proud countries that managed to fulfill these Millennium goals, such as reducing poverty and promoting gender equality.


During the IPU parliamentarians from all over the world adopted a resolution against terrorism. This resolution calls for curtailing fundraising for terrorist activities and  also expresses strong concern regarding the destruction of cultural heritage by terrorist groups. Senator Hans Franken encouraged countries to balance combatting cybercrime with respecting the freedom of citizens.


Besides the official programme of the Dutch delegation, the Embassy organized a one-day tour to discover Vietnam and Dutch activities in this country. In Bac Giang province, the delegation visited Vert, a Dutch textile company with close ties to communities. Vert produces for overseas markets according to the highest standards of corporate social responsibility.


In the afternoon expert Quang A gave his vision on developments in Vietnam’s economy and the role of the (young) civil society in shaping a more prosperous and just future. The delegation then visited the Ho Chi Minh Academy where a centre for leadership was established with help of the ISS institute, part of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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