Research and Markets to publish Vietnam Healthcare Market Access Report 2015

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The report provides in-depth information on:

- Country Landscape - This section covers information on the prevailing economic environment in the country and dwells on both macro and micro economic indicators. The demographic profile of the country highlights the growing importance of middle class and increasing access to internet. It also captures the political landscape along with the opportunities and challenges presented by the country.
- Healthcare infrastructure - Insightful review of the country’s healthcare system and health status with key health indicators are presented in this section. Moreover, healthcare expenditure and share of public and private sectors are prominently discussed in the section. The profiles of major hospitals and the number of healthcare personnel in the country are also comprehensively covered.
- Overview of Pharmaceutical Market - This section depicts the pharmaceutical market in terms of size, growth, product mix and key players operating in the country. A special emphasis has been laid on the key drivers and barriers impacting the pharmaceutical market of the country. Furthermore, the profiles of major diseases with high burden for the country have been covered.
- Market Access: This section dwells on the role and importance of various stakeholders in product commercialization process and gatekeepers holding the key to the access for pharmaceutical products. Various regulatory aspects crucial for approval and marketing of various categories of pharmaceutical products have been captured comprehensively. In addition, detailed analysis of pricing and reimbursement landscape along with the prescribing policies and influence, price build-up and trends and various drug lists impacting reimbursement is covered.

Data-rich tables and figures have been used generously to augment the report and assist the reader in better understanding of the subject matter.

Key questions answered in this report:

The report answers majority of key questions that are paramount for the success of a pharmaceutical company such as:

- How stable is the country’s political climate, major economic indices like GDP size and growth, rate of inflation, FDI, etc. impacting the level of business sentiments
- How lucrative is the pharmaceutical market of the country in terms of size, growth, product portfolio mix, key market segments and the level of competitive intensity
- Who are the relevant stakeholders that needs to be engaged effectively for successful product commercialization
- What are the key factors that influence the physician prescribing habits and payer/hospital formulary decisions
- What are the key trends and policies that may impact the future market access landscape and how to effectively counter them
- Which are the cost-containment measures that have been adopted by the country’s government and may be introduced in the near future
- Which are the major disease segments that a pharmaceutical company can focus for product launch and growth based on the disease burden in the country
- What are the key policies that impacts the pricing and reimbursement decisions in both public and private sector
- Whether the country’s pharmaceutical market represents a compelling commercial case to invest and offers significant opportunities that can be successfully tapped resulting in significant revenue generation

Key benefits / Why should you buy this report:

As every country’s market access landscape is unique and evolving, it makes a prudent decision to have a country specific market access strategy. Moreover, the success of any pharmaceutical company hinges on successfully navigating challenges posed by the various stakeholders and regulatory bodies for effective product commercialization.

This report will serve as a handy tool for pharmaceutical and other related healthcare stakeholders to:

- Understand the macro and micro parameters that will play a pivotal role in making business decisions
- Identify, segment, target and collaborate with the relevant stakeholders that hold key to effective product commercialization
- Conceptualize and formulate plausible market access strategies based on the insights generated
- Identify and foresee the major trends and policies likely to impact the regulatory, pricing and reimbursement landscape of the country
- Capitalize on the opportunities presented by the country’s pharmaceutical market and mitigate the challenges posed by the competitors and stakeholders/regulatory bodies
- Generate market specific insights that are actionable and commercially viable
- Leverage market access insights by incorporating physicians and payer priorities so as to develop effective sales and marketing strategies resulting in increased brand and company revenue
- Correctly ascertain the appropriate market access levers and barriers that will drive or hamper the brand performance
- Prioritize and assign optimal resources required for implementation of various market access activities

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