Allen Chen - ASUS Computer GmbH   We know Nga Dang since 2008 when she was working for PwC, then when she informed us that she would work for Ernst & Young afterwards at that time, we said : ok , that means we are going to shift our engagement to be with Ernst & Young now.


Yes, Nga Dang is such a person who earned her own credit during each time's service engagements with us, via not only a thoughtful & always think-through plan or solution but also with a appreciated-mindset that always puts herself into her client's shoes; the most important thing is: she is result oriented as well as her client.


Besides, if you think she is the advisor that you may consult only for the VAT/indirect related issues, you probably will be impressed by her integrated and sharp insight for your whole supply chain related issues as long as you have shared your business model with her.


For us, Nga is beyond a consultant but more like a primary doctor to a family, when we have a problem, we will ask her first; if it's not in her field ,she will also recommend you the best way to solve it via her global connections.

So, if you are a multinational enterprise like us, we recommend you to know her.


Allen Chen 

> ASUS Computer GmbH

June 2012 




Jim Lin - Having the opportunity to organize and plan the overseas operation for a former company (a Taiwan based company in the Communication and Entertainment Industry). It was fortune for me to co-work with Nga then.


In spite of knowing that Ernst & Young may have the capability and resources to solve all my needs, the major problem remained that no one can really dig out our potential problems before it may appear, and even more, think ahead of what the customers may face, and plan it earlier.


Nga played a wonderful role as a coordinator to integrate all kinds of resources and support within Ernst & Young to prevent worse situations from happening, and she did put herself into clients' shoes to realize what they may need and fully understand the nature of their business, thus well positioning herself in the clients' points of view.


By doing so, customers can easily find out their current status and realize what they may or may not need. Not only she possesses the professional skill in her own territory, but also her enthusiasm and thoughtful mind for others can enhance each project and thus fulfill the demands from clients and far more.



For me, the experience to team up with her is simply smoothly and efficiently, she did the great efforts, so the service is done and the customer will be happy for their choice.



Jim Lin

A Taiwan based company in the Communication and Entertainment Industry
June 2012





Kevin Wang - MSI    I knew Nga Dang many years ago, when Nga worked at PwC. She and her Asia Indirect Tax team at PwC helped us well on different VAT related projects. When we got the chance, we continued our cooperation with Nga after she joined Ernst & Young.


Nga's key expertise is Indirect Tax, but our working relation went beyond Indirect Tax as she proactively bring to our attention other tax areas such as income tax, transfer pricing, etc.


She initiates brainstorm sessions with her colleague experts together with me and our management and helped to smooth the communication between her colleagues and us.


She introduced the right experts from various disciplines to discuss our tax & finance matters and assist us in making our own internal decisions. Nga is practical and has a very good understanding of our business, challenges and opportunities.


When my Taiwanese friends in other companies are having tax issues in the Netherlands or Europe, I often refer them to Nga for assistance. If you are looking for a truly trusted advisor, I would recommend you to contact Nga.



Kevin Wang


June 2012


Vincent Zhou - AOC International    I know Nga Dang about 10 years ago when she worked for PwC in Amsterdam. At that time Top Victory Investment just starts its European operations in the Netherlands.


Nga initially assisted us in the set up of our Dutch operation and continued to be our key contact person within PwC for many years. Although her key expertise is Indirect Tax, our cooperation went beyond Indirect Tax (VAT and Customs) and cover all tax, legal and finance matters.


Nga proactively addressed and brought forward suggestions in relation to other tax-, legal- and finance- areas that could impact our Dutch and European business (such as Corporate income tax, transfer Pricing, human resource, bookkeeping & auditing, legal, etc) and assisted us in coordinating and managing the various resources and projects appropriately.


Whenever we have tax or other related issues with our advisors/auditors/tax authorities, Nga helps us to smoothly communicate and solve the issues appropriately. Nga is also very capable in providing practical advises that add value to our business. When I got the chance, I continued to search for Nga's assistance after she took up her job at Erns & Young.


If you are looking for a hands-on but tactical advisor that can really helps you in your European business, I would truly recommend you to contact Nga.



Vincent Zhou

AOC International (Europe) BV
28 June 2012

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