European VAT & Customs

Value Added Tax (“VAT”) and Customs are typically the two main tax areas that overseas corporations will be impacted when starting their business in Europe. AB Consult offers comprehensive VAT & Customs consulting and compliance solutions to assist you and your business’s development in Europe.

is levied at every stage of the supply chain. VAT impacts every possible transaction from imports, exports, sales and purchases of goods and services. Although the tax burden is on the final customer, the compliance risks and related penalties are imposed on the businesses in the supply chain. Especially in Europe, the impact of VAT on your business may exceed 40% of your European gross sales, while the impact of VAT on your cash flow position is significant. Even if you trade in Europe without a local entity, VAT is always an important part of your operations.

Customs duty is a tax on goods imported from outside the European Union (EU) into the Netherlands and/or other countries of the EU. Customs duties are non-refundable and represent an expense for your operations. Duty rates depend upon the nature of the goods, their value and the country of their origin. The duty rates apply to imports into the Netherlands typically range between 0% (i.e. books) and 17% (i.e. designer boots). Some products, such as laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras and video game consoles, are duty-free. Certain goods may be subject to additional duties or may be subject to a reduced rate depending on the country of manufacture (country of origin). Customs planning, to reduce the duty bill, is one of the key costs saving opportunity in order for you to compete in the European market.


Therefore tax planning in particular in VAT and Customs duties is essential for start-up businesses.


By managing your VAT and Customs functions, you will be in control of the various processes that impact your VAT and Customs bill to your company. This means that your sales, procurement (sourcing), business development, logistics, supply chain, legal, finance, tax and IT departments are all in the scope of your VAT and Customs management.

We are well-placed to help you with your European VAT and Customs’ filings, to manage your European Indirect Tax processes, to support you with your tax implementations in your accounting system and building your global Indirect Tax strategy.


 AB Consult offers a wide range of VAT & Customs services, such as:

1.   European VAT services

-          VAT registration

-          VAT fiscal representation

-          VAT rulings

-          VAT compliance & administration

-          VAT refund claims (8th and 13th Directive refund claims)

-          VAT advisory & structuring, including Merger & Acquisition

-          VAT audits

-          Tax/VAT control framework

-          VAT- IT/ERP solutions

-          VAT training

 2.      European Customs services

-          Customs filings

-          Customs tariff Classification

-          Binding Tariff Information rulings

-          Customs planning & structuring (for example First sale, Sourcing and use of Free trade agreements, etc)

-          Customs process and IT

-          Customs control framework

 3.      Integrated Tax & Supply chain solutions

-          Indirect Tax (VAT, Customs) work streams

-          Project management – all tax & finance related work streams


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    VAT & Customs
    Value Added Tax (“VAT”) and Customs are typically the two main tax areas that overseas corporations will be impacted when starting their business in Europe.
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