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Our Services

  • Vietnam Desk

    Vietnam Desk
    Vietnamese companies in NL/ Europe
    Dutch companies doing business in Vietnam
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  • Asia Desk

    Asia Desk
    AB Consult - Asia Desk focuses on servicing Asian-based companies from China, Taiwan, Korea, and Asia Pacific, doing business in the Netherlands/Europe. Also, we can help facilitate Dutch companies doing business in Vietnam, China and/or Taiwan.
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  • VAT & Customs

    VAT & Customs
    Value Added Tax (“VAT”) and Customs are typically the two main tax areas that overseas corporations will be impacted when starting their business in Europe.
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  • Management

    Management of finance & tax function for overseas businesses
    Typically, overseas companies, when starting their business in the Netherlands, would prioritize their overseas’ resource to generate sales in the Netherlands and/or Europe.
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  • Interim

    Interim and project management of Tax & Finance functions
    Our consultants can temporarily assist you on special projects or act as project (tax/finance) manager during special projects such as mergers and acquisitions, supply chain re-structuring, post-closing/integration implementation, tax audits, or developing a new overseas business or vacancy, etc
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